IMG_0832 webI graduated with my Master’s Degree from Bastyr University near Seattle where the primary focus of study was a holistic approach to the human experience. This means I work with the whole ecosystem of one’s life – internal and external – that include the individual parts that often seem like they act separately and independently from one another, but don’t.  I integrate mindfulness strategies, sensation and client intuition to help navigate some of these deeper aspects of one’s relationship to themselves and the world around them. Most importantly, I work from a strength-based, non-blaming and warm relational perspective with the overarching belief that trust and deep acceptance lie at the core of what really helps us to heal.

My own journey has always involved a deep curiosity to know myself in the context of the world around me. In more recent years, this especially means connecting to and working with the hidden layers — the subconscious, the soul, intuition, ancestral and other spirit forms that surround us. Much of what has called to me the most is learning how to listen differently. Listen for these layers with my senses, my imagination, my feelings.  Listen for the symbolic, the mythological, the archetypal, the shadow.  Listen to what comes in the night via dreams or via solitude in nature. Recognizing the profoundly deep and complex tapestry that defies modern, Western thinking about what’s real and what’s not.  About who we are and who we are not. The development I’ve experienced through these explorations impacts the way I work with clients — in particular, clients who are drawn to this level of knowing.  Even for those who haven’t thought about it, I find that most are very able to engage in a level of intuitive sensing that they otherwise wouldn’t think themselves capable of.  What this can do is draw out a much deeper curiosity of the forces within oneself, which leads to care and leads to compassion.

I see a wide range of people from a wide range of backgrounds. I celebrate diversity and am aware of the nuances of living in a diverse society. My travels have allowed me to live on four continents, exposing me — at least at a very rudimentary level — to cultures different from my own. I bring curiosity, compassion and the desire to understand into the work I do with my clients. It’s through the shared process of discovery that so many wonderful things can emerge.